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Karin Kuschik is a business coach whose expertise is particularly in demand by people who stand in the spotlight and who are constantly required to deliver maximum performance: top managers, actors, politicians, bankers, consultants, professional athletes and presenters / moderators. She also holds workshops on topics such as: on-stage performance, Pitch & Win, story telling.


While sales and interview training are two of her core competencies she has a passion for self-responsible, goal-oriented communication and has developed a unique methodology within this field. Since 2015 she also offers systemic coach training courses and her expertise as a speaker is internationally much in demand and admired.



LET'S TALK! +4930 886 77 853


Karin Kuschik’s career begins in the media, working in radio whilst still studying film, journalism and philosophy. During the 1990’s she becomes a household name in Berlin when she presents the morning shows on the popular ARD channel Radio B Zwei and the private station 94,3 r.s.2: four years of getting up in the middle of the night and spending her free time pursuing her other interests: writing, acting, travelling, directing. Film is her big passion and after absolving a summer semester at the New York Film Academy she takes on assignments in front of and behind the camera, shoots short films and some advertising. She also acts in radio plays and writes song lyrics. In 1997 she wins Germany’s most important award for lyricists for her first album.

The next 20 years she also works as a presenter at prestigious events where her charm, journalistic competence, and quick-wittedness are much in demand. Fluent in English and German she hosts political discussions, international galas and conventions. She is so committed to her work that she even learns to speak Japanese for a particular event. With her wide range of talents and performance abilities she quickly establishes a reputation as one of Germany’s best event hosts.

Yesterdays interview partners become her future clients as – at the start of the new millennium – she uses her passion for communication and fascination for people as the basis for a new career in coaching. Today she is a certified business coach, gives courses in energy psychology and systemic coaching as well as directing workshops and seminars in media and stage coaching. Her unique professional insights are particularly valued by public figures that understand: there is no second chance for a first impression.

Her expertise is also much appreciated by teams pitched against rivals from competing companies. Workshops focus on authenticity and the art of story telling. The basis here is her targetalk!® method – a valuable tool for everyone who wishes to create a positive impression by focusing on expression. Her decision to convey her wealth of experience to a broad audience has taken Karin Kuschik back to where it all began: the stage.


Graefensteiner Management, Berlin


„It doesn’t matter WHAT you want to say if you don’t say it in a way that makes people want to listen!“

„Every day people get so annoyed about colleagues, clients, or themselves that they produce a level of stress hormones they would never tolerate if contained in the food they eat. Also: getting angry at someone makes that person powerful. That individual is allowed to control how we feel. My question: why would someone do this of their own free will?“

„If you feel uncomfortable being on a stage, it’s about time you felt something else! Seriously: who but you yourself should be entitled to determine how you feel?!“

Business Coach Karin Kuschik

There’s a saying: „A fisherman doesn’t have to like the worm, the fish does!“. If you apply this to your speech or presentation: let’s look for suitable stories, catchy metaphors and the optimal approach for your performance so that the fish out there in the audience will take the bait“.


„Before you make a public appearance you have to know what your goal is. After all, when you use a navigation system to get somewhere you enter an address!“


„It doesn’t really matter what you are asked in an interview. It’s more important to know what you want to answer!“


„Always having to do something! If you really believe you have to do things you might as well decide that you want to do them“. 


22 years of stage coaching for top managers & celebrities

22 years of life coaching  for personality development

17 years of pitch workshops for banks, private equity, agencies, audit and tax advisory teams

20 years of business coaching within the top-level segment: executive boards, company directors, partners, family enterprises and second-tier management level

20 years event hosting / moderation and hosting discussion panels for companies

10 years working in radio as a presenter, reporter and editor

4 years as anchorwoman of a morning show  

2600 live interviews  on stage, on radio and on tv

16 short films and 1000 tears of joy on becoming a graduate of the New York Film Academy 

99 songs / lyrics and 8 CDs for German and English speaking artists

1997 Fred Jay Prize for best German lyricist

2022: Book & audio book: "50 sentences to simplify your life"

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